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A timely parable for this generation of digital natives… (Kirkus Reviews)

“A 12-year-old loner makes friends with a popular classmate—who just happens to be an android.
Danny introduces Slick’s story by telling readers how it ends: Slick is dead, he was murdered, and he was an android.…Slick (real name Eric) thinks he’s a regular kid: He’s focused on how many friends he has on Kudos, enthralled with his many pairs of Slick sneakers and his Oldean T-shirts—he is so brand-obsessed he sounds like a present-day social media influencer—and ignored by his equally popularity-hungry parents. But he bonds with Danny over the one thing he loves that isn’t popular: the online game Land X.

Their friendship is a first for both of them: Danny’s first friendship at all and Slick’s first friendship that isn’t just about popularity. But can they keep Slick safe from his creators?

The satisfying revelation of Slick’s strangeness contrasts engagingly with the absurd humor of this odd-couple friendship, and Vaughan executes her satire effectively for an audience that may not be accustomed to it.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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“Vaughan presents another noteworthy science-fiction middle-grade offering peppered with mystery…With notes of Flowers for Algernon, Eric and Danny’s story of friendship transcends genre to have wide appeal.”

“…this is not just a story of an android or the dangers of excessive advertising; it is the story of one boy moving past his anger and finding a best friend. It is the story of what it means to be best friends, and how that meaning is predicated on the ability to share emotions…This book could easily go into the hands of a young person who is struggling to fit in, or who is struggling with how to care about others.”
(School Library Connection)