“A devastating call, an impossible journey…and no turning back.”

About the book:
Parker Banks is having a hard time adjusting to his new life in New York after moving with his family from London following the tragic death of his mother. His father, a scientist, is under mounting pressure in his new job, and his sister Emma, despite being deaf, has had no problems making new friends.Then Parker's father, on the cusp of a technological breakthrough, is kidnapped. Alerted via E.F.E. - a device invented to help Emma communicate telepathically with her family - Parker, along with his sister, best friend Michael and an albino pig, embark on a rescue mission.But as their search progresses, it becomes clear that SIX, the project that Parker's father has been involved in against his will, is being run by a sinister enterprise - an enterprise whose work poses a threat not only to the Banks family, but to the world at large.

*STARRED REVIEW* Three kids, a pet pig and a helpful chauffeur must unravel a mystery of cosmic proportions...Creative details, likable characters—Brendan, Michael’s chauffeur, stands out especially—and an X-Files–worthy mystery keep the pages turning, but it is the supportive and loving Banks family that makes this story shine. A surprise ending will encourage readers to think beyond the text and grapple with some real-world dilemmas. Inventive, entertaining and thought-provoking. (Fantasy. 8-12) (Kirkus Reviews)

"Readers will be drawn into the story with its swift, adventurous plot."(Booklist)

This action-packed science fiction novel is a page-turner. Vaughan has created characters that the reader will root for, especially with the strong bond that she has established between Parker and Emma. Her imaginative gadgets and devices will delight fans.
(School Library Connection)


Not only did SIX get picked for the Essex Book Awards, but this trailer,, made by the pupils of Sweyne Park School, got shortlisted for the Book Trailer Award. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

One of the fabulous entries for our Book Trailer Awards on Six by author M.M. Vaughan

Vaughan (The Ability) puts an intriguing spin on the classic SF conceits of teleportation and telepathy, providing a plausible way for these young heroes to face off against an all-powerful corporation. The open-ended conclusion leaves room for further exploration of a concept that is full of potential, and Vaughan’s considered portrayal of 10-year-old Emma, who doesn’t let her deafness slow her down in the least, is particularly well done.
...The characters are all great, though Emma and Michael are the standouts. Emma, who is deaf, is just as feisty and fiery as a little sister ought to be. She’s also made it her mission to care deeply about social and environmental issues, adopting and caring for stray birds and even a pig. Emma has the biggest heart, and it was wonderful to see a character with a disability be given her own distinct personality that had nothing to do with her hearing...


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